Why gardening, growing fruits and vegetables is important for us

KARIBU care nursery school currently cares for 25 children and offers them free education, medical care, clothing, supplies and nutritious food. In the compound of the school there is a garden where we grow vegetables and fruits. As most of our children are malnourished due to lack of nutritious food at their home we make sure their diet includes -among other nutritious food we provide them- vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins.


Planting and growing vegetables and fruits it is a sustainable way for KARIBU care to provide the right nutrition for the childrens' physical health and to help the development of their mind and body at an early stage. The continuous care of the garden will enable KARIBU care to feed and care for more children in the future. Currently with the help of our staff we are growing the following variety of vegetables and fruits:


Egg plants

Sukuma wiki(green leafy vegetable) 




Muchicha (green leafy vegetable)

Cow peas

Passion fruits

Paws paws



Lady fingers


Not always we are successful in growing all the above but we are testing and try to be patient. Our staff at the moment taking care of the garden. We are organising for them a training to Kenyamed farming in Mombasa so they can learn new methods to preserve and grow plants, trees and vegetables.


Finally our next project is to have our own farm where we can have a green house to grow more vegetables and fruits for the children's better health and nutrition.


Stella Bili