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Paw Paw Jam
Paw Paw Jam Ingredients

Last week I was talking to my mum in Greece via Skype and -as a Greek mum- she always likes to talk about food, what she made, what she ate, how good the Easter cakes she made were, and how everyone liked it. I am always happy to listen to her describing what she makes but sometimes I get bored because I know I can't make it or I can't find the ingredients for some of the food she talks about. 


Well this time she started talking about the home made fruit jam she made, how she did it, how she stored it in jars in the cupboard for the whole year and that now she doesn't have to buy the already made ones from the supermarket because of course hers it's better.  That's my mum. I actually found the process very interesting, very easy and that's how my tropical thinking started if I may say. 


Here at KARIBU care garden we grow paw paw trees. If you don't know, it is a tropical fruit and this period is harvesting in Kenya. We have many in our garden and our children love eating them. Also in our feeding programme at our school 2 days per week we feed the children for breakfast bread with jam. So immediately with this thought in my mind and thinking of my mum describing the process of making fruit jam I thought why not to try and make a jam out of paw paws. It didn't take much time to just google and see if anyone else has made a paw paw jam and I found exactly what I was looking for – meaning all the ingredients that I needed to make a proper jam-. 


Today I came to the school in the morning and I told our Cook lets try and make our own jam. It took us two hours and a half for the whole preparation and to make it (cutting the fruits, mixing the ingredients, boiling the mix etc).


For those who would like to try to make a tropical jam with paw paw here are the ingredients that we used. For the whole recipe you can check this page here: 


7 -8 paws paws

1/2 cup of water

5 cups of sugar

1 tablespoon of cinnamon

1 tablespoon of ginger

1­/2 cup of vinegar 


With this quantity of paw paws we filled 6 jars of jam and stored them in a cool place. These will last for 2-3 months - following our feeding programme for our children. Also this means we no longer have to buy the jam from the supermarket since we can make our own. 


Finally the jam turned out to be delicious. I would like to give special thanks to my mum who without knowing she gave me a great idea and I am sure the kids will love the jam.

Stella Bili


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