Oje, Sandflöhe

Hallo Karibu Care team, at the beginning of the term we launched the jiggers eradication and treatment at the school after it came to our attention that most of our kids were being infected by jiggers

Jigger flea also known as sand flea (Tunga Penetrans) is an ecto-paracite which affects many impoverished populations living in Sub-saharan Africa, Caribbean and south America .

The female flea feeds by burrowing into the skin of its host under the toenails and fingernails where the resultant sores becomes infected,heavy infestations may lead to severe inflammation, ulceration and fibrosis.

None the less risk of secondary infection is high,tetanus being one of them .Jigger flea is normally found in the sandy terrain of warm ,dry climates it prefers deserts, beaches, stock farm, soil and dust close to farms 

Side effects of jiggers flea infestation includes the following :

A) High rate of school dropouts and poor performance 

B) Inability to walk easily due to the pain the affected areas

C) Inability to carry the normal day to day activities like working and playing 

D) Lower self esteem resulting from stigmatisation 

E) Infections such as HIV/AIDS are passed from person to person due to sharing of pins and needles while removing the jiggers eggs the feet or fingernails 

E) Dissability as people with severe infestation are unable to walk or use their hands effectively

We are looking forward to facilitate the program in the next coming month of October in order to fully ensure that the infestation is thoroughly eradicated and the infections completely treated to avoid any further spreading